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Grants & Awards

Grant Opportunities


The Bethlehem Garden Club offers ongoing grants to benefit our community. We currently offer the following grants on an annual basis. For more information on project criteria and submission guidelines please see below.

• Science Education Grant
2019-20 Science Grant Results

Delmar, NY — The BGC is pleased to announce this year's grant awardees: The Bethlehem Children's School, Bethlehem Central High School, and Bethlehem Middle School.

Bethlehem Children's School was awarded funding to supplement upgrades to their existing greenhouse. Improvements include making the unit weather tight, adding shelving and storage for planting and supplies, and eventually running water and electricity to the building.


Bonnie Smith and Carie MacDonald award Head of School, Christine Vaughan, a check to fund the garden project submitted by Preschool Gardening Instructor, Nicole Privitera.

Bonnie Smith and Carie MacDonald award Bethlehem Central High School Science Teacher, Adrienne Ladd, a check to fund a New England Aquarium and Boston Harbor Whale Watch Experience for BCHS Grades 11 and 12 Wildlife Biology and Advanced Placement Environmental Science Students.

Bethlehem Central High School received funding to aid in costs for a field trip for Juniors and Seniors Wildlife Biology and AP Environmental Science Students to visit The New England Aquarium and Boston Whale Watching Experience.

A third award will be provided to Bethlehem Central Middle School to fund new tools for the current garden.

Congratulations to all recipients.

2018-19 Community Project Results

Delmar, NY —The Bethlehem Garden Club awarded one of two 2019 Science Education Grants to Slingerlands Elementary School. In two previous years, we also awarded Eagle Elementary School with grants to aid in the purchase of trees for their new playground. 

Slingerlands Elementary 5th Grade implemented a “Growing Our Garden Project” where they promoted plant science through gardening on school grounds. The funding provided supplies, plants, flowers, and mulch for their students to beautify the school grounds for spring and fall. Please enjoy the photos courtesy of Slingerlands Elementary and The Bethlehem Garden Club. 


A second award was granted to BCMS to create a bird watching station.

For more information about The Bethlehem Garden Club grant opportunities, please read on. The Bethlehem Garden Club is proud to promote science education in the Town of Bethlehem.

DSC_3179 (1).jpg
DSC_3174 (1).jpg

Ribbon Cutting for Eagle Elementary School Playground with Executive Director Rachel Kemmelblat , Pricipal Dianna Reagan, students and Bethlehem Garden Club Grant Committee Co-chair, Carie MacDonald.

Eagle Elementary was awarded funds to plant trees on their newly finished playground.

Announcing The 2019-20 Bethlehem Garden Club Science Education Grant


The Bethlehem Garden Club has an exciting opportunity for educators, troop leaders, community members and students of grades K-12 in the Town of Bethlehem to apply for a grant of $1,000. The grant is to be utilized to enhance the environmental science curriculum of the recipient(s). 


It’s not just about gardens! Proposals may include hiring speakers, buying science supplies, improving nature trails or other activities that promote environmental stewardship. More than one educator/troop leader/student/community member per location may apply. Partial grants may be offered based on fund availability.


The deadline for submitting a 2019 application has passed. New submissions will be accepted in the fall.

For next year's grants, please mail to the attention of Carie MacDonald or Bonnie Smith,

Education Grant Committee Co-chairs

See attached application for further instruction and information. We look forward to potentially awarding funding for your exciting project(s).

Check back to download the updated Science Education Grant Application for next year.

• Angelina Catinella Grant
Angelina Catinella Grant

The Bethlehem Garden Club is honored to be the recipient of a bequest from Angelina Catinella, a former member of the Bethlehem Garden Club. We celebrate Angelina's life by awarding her donation to projects related to gardening, the environment, nature, outdoors, or education in the Bethlehem community over the next 2-5.


The first Angelina Catinella grant was given to the Bethlehem Middle School PTA in July, 2016 toward the construction of a pavilion to be built in immediate proximity to the cafeteria and to be used by students and community members as:

  • an outdoor classroom
  • an outdoor area for students to eat lunch

  • a shelter for recess on sunny and rainy days

  • a meeting venue for after school events, intramural, and extra-curricular activities

  • space for community groups that meet on the middle school premises.

Awardee of 2020 Angelina Catinella Grant

On February 14, 2020 the Bethlehem Middle School was the proud recipient of this year's Angelina Catinella Grant. BCMS Assistant Principal, Mark Warford, accepted the award to benefit the Green Team Initiative. The grant is to provide sturdy tools for students and staff to tend their extensive vegetable gardens. Vegetables grown are used in school recipes, donated to the local food pantry, and used by local restaurants.


The garden club was represented by our Co-chair of Grants Committee, Bonnie Smith.  

Awardee of 2017 Angelina Catinella Grant

On September 26, 2017, two cedar benches handcrafted by local craftsman, Brett Pulliam, were placed at two local nature preserves, the Van Dyke Preserve and Normans Kill West Preserve for the public to enjoy. The Bethlehem Garden Club donated the benches to the Mohawk Hudson Land Conservancy. The benches have been dedicated to the memory of Angelina Catinella, for her generous bequest to the Bethlehem Garden Club.


At the Van Dyke Preserve, four representatives from the Bethlehem Garden Club met with Cresap, the volunteers, and MHLC Board Chair Cathie Love to see the newly installed bench. The Bethlehem Garden Club was represented by Marcy Corneil, President, Louise Kavanaugh, Treasurer, and Dodie Seagle and Ellie Prakken, both members of the Bethlehem Garden Club and board members of MHLC.


The Bethlehem Garden Club accepts applications from the public for projects within the confines of the Town of Bethlehem. For more information, please email us at


Pictured above: Mark Warford, BCMS Assistant Principal, and Bonnie Smith, Co-chair of Bethlehem Garden Club Grants Committee. Below, classroom used for starting plants from seed.

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