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Garden Tour 2022

Thank you to all our tour visitors!

Thank you to everyone who joined our 2022 Garden Tour and visited our Botanical Boutique. We're overjoyed we could share this wonderful event with everyone in-person again. Your support will help us continue our mission of serving our local communities, assisting our local schools, and beautifying and protecting our environment.

7 Magdalen Rd, Delmar

"Unusual densely planted cottage garden with native and European plants, with a mixture of ornamental and edible plants." - Olga S. Kuperman, Garden Owner

14 Leaf Rd, Delmar

"I love blending texture, color, and size for a chorus of blooms throughout the year."
- Ellen Morone, Garden Owner

42 Hawthorne Ave, Delmar

"A continuous adventure to create an ever-evolving landscape that provides me a creative outlet and out-smarts the deer and rabbits!"
- Jill Knapp, Garden Owner

11 Birchwood Pl, Delmar

"There's no place like gnome." 
Greg & Carol Roeder, Garden Owners

117 Lasher Rd, Selkirk

"Come and have a stroll through Genoveffa's cornucopia of gardens that strive to nourish the eyes, body, and soul."
- Genoveffa Vitale, Garden Owner

Know someone with an impressive garden?

The Bethlehem Garden Club is looking for gardens to be a part of our future tours! Every year we select a handful of unique, local gardens to be showcased on our annual Garden Tour. If you or someone you know has a tour-worthy garden, we would love to know! Email us at to be put in touch with our Garden Tour Selection Committee.

Special thank you to the garden owners and Bethlehem Garden Club members who helped make the return of the in-person Garden Tour such an enjoyable evening and successful event!

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